Adventures around Scotland


“I jumped at a chance to decide once and for all if Glasgow is a city worth seeing”

It might sometimes be overshadowed by it’s famous neighbour Edinburgh, but where Edinburgh is tourist central Glasgow has a gritter, more creative edge. This former industrial powerhouse has transformed itself into a city of culture.

One thing you defiantly wont get here is bored!!

First Impression…

Glasgow’s slogan is “Scotland with Style” and the city is filled with cool cafes, fancy bars, boutique stores, vintage clothes cafes and heaps of culture and beautiful buildings.

Day 1

Day 1 started off a little late, I took the plane from London Stansted airport to Glasgow international and was expected to board at 12.10pm but the journey was delayed a good 20 minuets. I ended up reaching my hotel room around  2.15pm. After checking, in my friends and I decided to relax for a bit before we went out for lunch. The first day was very simple.

The adventure was yet to begin… 

Day 2 Science Centre

Day 2 was great! My friend and I got a little excited while getting ready to leave. The funniest part was when he pulled out his inhaler and requested I keep it in my bag in case he “gets a little excited” HA HA!

So once we arrived at the car park I was so impressed with the beautiful building. Glasgow Science Centre is a visitor attraction located in the Clyde Waterfront Regeneration are on sciencecentrethe south bank of the River Clyde. It was open on 5th June 2001 by Queen Elizabeth II and is one of Britain’s most popular places to visit.

It’s curved shaped and reflection of the sun definitely caught my attention and gave it that “sciencey” look and feel.

So we spent most of day 2 wondering around the science centre… so much fun! There’s definitely lots to do, especially on the third floor at BodyWorks and the maths puzzles on the first floor.

robotcycleOnce we went inside we saw a Robot Cycle that lets us experience how easy it is to ride a bike. Each colour button (green, yellow, blue and red) operates  one of the pneumatic “muscles” in the robot leg. The two muscles on each legs of the robot work like your thigh muscles. One bends the leg, and the other straightens it.

There was another amazing machine which allowed you to place your hand under thevains
red light and shows you where your veins are. I know what your thinking… AMAZING right?!

Unfortunately we only left ourselves a little over two hours to visit and I would’ve loved to stay for longer. If I lived in Glasgow i’d definitely get the passport pass so that I could go back whenever I wanted.

My only criticisms are the hidden extras you have to pay for. There’s a new “planetarium” which isn’t included in the admission price and is a £3 surcharge per person.

Overall a good day out and the staff were lovely and helpful.

Day 3 Edinburgh Zoo and Castle

Day 3 was the most busiest day while I was in Scotland and to top it off the weather wasn’t too great either! We decided to go to Edinburgh and check out their Zoo and the famous Edinburgh Castle! Yep that’s right the rain didn’t stop us! 

Edinburgh Zoo, formerly the Scottish National Zoological Park, is a non-profit zoological park in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Built in 1913, and owned by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, it receives over 600,000 visitors a year, which makes it Scotland’s second most popular paid-for tourist attraction, after Edinburgh Castle.


Edinburgh Zoo was the first zoo in the world to house and to breed penguins. It is also the only zoo in Britain to house koalas and giant pandas! How cool is that!! For those of you who don’t know me… I’m a crazy penguin fan so you can imagine my excitement when I saw Penguin Rock ha ha, although my friend kept saying the panda bears were the best part of the zoo experience, obviously I disagreed… PENGUINS RULE!

After visiting the zoo we headed straight to Edinburgh Castle!

Edinburgh Castle is a world famous icon of Scotland and part of the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. This most famous of Scottish castles has a complex Edinburgh Castlebuilding history. The oldest part, St Margaret’s Chapel, dates from the 12th century; the Great Hall was erected by James IV around 1510; the Half Moon Battery by the Regent Morton in the late 16th century; and the Scottish National War Memorial after the First World War.

The only downside to visiting the castle was finding the car park… it took us a while to find it! Other than that, Edinburgh castle should definitely be on your list when visiting Scotland!

An exciting day in Edinburgh despite the wet rainy weather, we headed back on the M8 straight to Glasgow with the music blasting and our crazy dance fever still popping!

Would I go back?

Definitely, but this time in the summer when the weather is a more sun and less rain. I would like to go visit the museums and do a little more sightseeing!



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  1. Really like the article,was very educational and just by reading this i would go. Well done X

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