Zoeva Rose Gold Vol.2 Luxury Brush Set Review


I don’t know why it took me until 2016 to get myself some Zoeva brushes but I’ve not looked back once!

For months now I have been bouncing back and forth to the Zoeva website to ogle the beautiful Rose Gold collection of makeup brushes. One glance would send most anyone into a fit of heart palpitations. With their faint peachy handles reminiscent of baby doll skin, and coppery rose ferrules. You’ll shoot your eyes out! With these brushes, who would even care?

I was going to get the eye set but the contour brush tipped it and I picked up the regular Rose Golden Vol.2. I loved the look of the eye shadow palette but after my Too Faced Chocolate bar and Urban Decay naked palettes I’ve put myself on an eye shadow palette ban! Seeing it all laid out like that made me acknowledge I have far too many…



I love a flat foundation brush so the Buffer was one I was very excited to take for a spin. Whilst it doesn’t quite apply to things as streak-free as my Real Techniques Stippling brush, it’s so incredibly soft and really gives you that flawless finish with a high coverage foundation.


126/Luxe Cheek Finish

The Luxe Cheek Finish brush I much prefer to the blusher brush in the original set. Personally I still prefer the one I have from Real Techniques as I often struggle to get a nice even application of blusher onto my skin and synthetic brushes seem to work better. Saying that, it’s still a really nice brush and the domed shape is different to anything else I own.


109/Luxe Face Paint

Luxe Face Paint was a large factor in me choosing this set so my expectations were high! I can tell you this does not disappoint! The squared tip is perfect for getting defined cheekbones and this paired with the Artist of Makeup contour stick is a killer!


228/Luxe Crease

A real highlight of the set for me was the Luxe Crease brush, which is the same shape as the crease brush in the original set but much larger. They’re both great to be honest, and despite the size difference I do tend to use them in the same way.


322/Brow Line

I originally use Brow Line for the eyebrow outline, however I’ve since discovered I prefer it for a more precise application of a powder. It’s not life-changing but it’s nice.


234/Luxe Smokey Shader

The Luxe Smokey Shader does the job it claims to. It’s perfect for adding the darker shade to the outer part of your eyelid and transitioning it into the other colours.



The Smudger is one that’s kind of hard to get too excited over, however it’s really nice for taking a darker shade across the lower lash line.


317/Wing Liner

I do really like the Wing Liner brush but I was a little disappointed at the repetition. I wouldn’t use it for my eyebrows a this kit already has that base covered and unlike eye shadow brushes there’s not much call to have duplicates in your collection. Maybe if you use a powder/wax combo you could use a Brow Line for powder and Winged Liner for wax. If you don’t own the original it’s a great brush to get the perfect sharp wing look with cream or gel formulas.

A very slight criticism is that I’m not too wild about the metallic pink pouch this one comes with and I think it would’ve been nicer to have a soft faux leather finish in the powder nude colour of the handles. However given that it’s essentially free, I really can’t complain too much! I think there are some gorgeous little touches to these such as the engravings that you don’t get on the originals, however they are the same price.


For me, these are brushes for the beauty-lover. I wouldn’t really say that if you’re investing in your first proper brush set that this is the one for you, I’d probably recommend the original over this. As for which I prefer, I really can’t decide! They’re both great and I feel as if though Zoeva have been smart and picked brushes that add something extra to your collection even if you own the originals.

What Zoeva brush sets do you have?



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