November Goals


Hello my lovelies! Let’s chat. It’s been pretty quite on Lets Get Fancy for the past few weeks, so I thought it would be a good idea to have more of a chatty-type post so I can share a bit about what’s been going on in my life. October was an exciting month for me. what with Diwali, Halloween, birthdays and all sorts of things going on behind-the-scenes. It’s been great!!

I’ve been focusing more of my time on d- cluttering and getting rid of any excess. This is something that I end up doing once of twice a year, but I’d really like to make the effort to make this more of a lifestyle change. I don’t need as much stuff as I have, and I’d like to stop wasting money on things that I inevitably never use. I’ve been going through all of my beauty products, office supplies, and home decor, and paring with anything that isn’t necessary in one form or another, Next up is my closet, and I’m looking forward to whittling it all down to fit on one rack.

November Goals

  • Organize and de-clutter my closet
  • Start blogging weekly again
  • Finish Empire before the new episodes air
  • Take more snaps
  • Design a calendar for my Lets Get Fancy followers!
  • Take a few hours to fully pamper myself (either at spa or at home)

Stay Fancy!


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