December Goals


Merry Christmas everyone! December the 1st is definitely the more socially-acceptable time to embrace the festive season, so let’s all pretend we haven’t been sipping Bailey’s and decorating the house for the last two weeks…

If you haven’t already check out my November Goals where I wrote about the goals I set for November. Remember – setting goals for yourself on a monthly basis doesn’t mean you have to meet them within that month! Some of the goals I set for November I have not yet met.

November has been a great month for me; I met a lot of new people and made some great friends! I also managed to de-clutter my closest… guys for me that was a struggle – I mean saying goodbye to some of my favorite old tops was hard!

Good news! I have started blogging more and I have some great posts lined up for this month! Stay tuned! Although November was a great month, it was also a tad stressful but I did take a few hours to pamper myself with lavender scented bubble baths and Lush bath bombs, I also went to a nail salon and got myself a mani pedi. .

December Goals

  • Catch up with some TV shows
  • Design a calendar for my Lets Get Fancy followers!
  • Host a New Years Party
  • Enjoy the last month of 2016
  • Post a gallery of 2016 pictures on Lets Get Fancy!

I think we can all agree that 2016 was an insane year- for one, it completely flew by, but also it’s been quite a remarkable year in many ways. Hopefully we can close this chapter and look forward to a better year in 2017! I’m going to take some time to reflect a little over the next few weeks, just to think about where I’m at with my life and goals. I think having a little regroup every once in a while is a good way to reassess ourselves!

So that’s December! I hope it doesn’t go too fast so I can enjoy it!

What’s on the cards for you this month?

Stay Fancy!



2 Comments on “December Goals

  1. Ich kann mich ja so wiederfinden in diesem Artikel! Besonders der Shopping-Horror ist mir nur allzu bekannt. Ich bin zwar nur eine solide Gr. 42-44, aber Shoppingtouren meide ich wie der Teufel das Weihwasser, insbesondere mit dünnen Freundinnen. Zum Glück kann man Klamotten auch aus dem Internet kriegen Ansonsten möchte ich der Schreiberin empfehlen, sich bei Gelegenheit mal nach besseren Freundinnen umh8nezes&#u230;


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