Winter Favourites!


Well, in case you couldn’t tell, “Winter is here” (haha). Another month has flown by, but I’m honestly not that upset because I like the fall. This was a good month for me, in terms of skincare and makeup finds. I tried out some new brands like Huda products that would definitely look good during the coming winter months and will definitely be a long-term favourite of mine.


As a self-professed lipstick addict, I’ve long been a fan of matte liquid formulas. That said I’m sure I’m not the only one to admit not all formulas are created equally. Some are so impossibly drying that you feel like your pout was
attacked with a sandblaster. Others remain ultra-creamy for hours after application, so they wear off your mouth and into your meals.

Huda herself is undoubtedly a beauty genius. Aside from being a vlogger, makeup artist, and one of the top influencers on Instagram, she has a powerhouse make up line. Until now, it’s consisted of fluttery false lash strips and Lip Contour pencils. Considering that her creamy, durable lip liners quickly became essentials in my beauty bag, I had high standards for the Liquid Mattes, and I was not disappointed.Picture2.png

Her formula is almost surprisingly wet and runnier than
others you may have played with, but this is a blessing. Because the formula takes longer to dry, you have more time to work with the colour and shape your lips. After about 60 seconds, the liquid sets but is slightly tacky to the touch. This is also a bonus. Your pucker will never feel dehydrated or crusty (yuck), and you can layer on coat after coat without the pigment showing any chunky build-up. I experimented with slicking on a few shades — with total ease! — to create a more dimensional, ombré lip look.

The long wear quality of the formula is also impressive — I ate, drank, and even slept in these lipsticks successfully with no flaking or dissolution. However, in the areas where the colour faded, it did so evenly, not in large patches.

By far, the best part of the Liquid Matte collection I have come across so far. Definitely a winter fave!

Stay Fancy!



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