Why I love the Urban Decay Moondust Palette!


I swear Urban Decay come out with a new product every single week cause I be constantly spending some serious coin on UD products and I guess I will eventually become homeless! Haha…

Urban Decay have a reputation in the make up industry for having highly pigmented products as the band have a unapologetic attitude towards throwing out all the dated and lets just say pretty ridiculous makeup rules women have been following for decades. They show the use of colours in an easy effortless way and, can enhance your features with a modern twist which are going to give that extra edge and glimpse of personality. Urban Decay products all promotes the thought of creative free spirits that’s potential in make up application is beyond what other makeup brand promote and provide. The  brand as recently widened their makeup collection with more variety of lipstick shade in over 100 different choices to choose from depending on your fave finish, a new full coverage foundation that comes in wider variety of choices to choose from which are suitable for every skin colour and their endless new release of eye shower palettes in the space of a year.

The eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay are something to always look forward to as I feel they go that extra mile to make all their palettes super special and each palette has it own individual style to please everyone’s make up needs and tastes. I would highly recommend the urban decay eye shadow simply because of the pigmentation and of course their eye products are simply the best.




The packaging is a major selling point because it is just so nice to look at. The palette has
a glitter base background with an engraved lettering with the palette’s name Moondust across the front. It’s packaging is original which is nice to see. The mirror in the palette is a decent size which is something that is important for a palette that size. In the palette there is a total of 8 individual eye shadows to use. The eye shadows are all of a frosted and shimmered texture which makes this palette the ultimate party palette perfect for dramatic eye make up look.


As you can see the pigmentation is something that i am very happy about as the colour has a very good quality pay off. A good quality eye shadow should have the ability to blend at ease and with this eye shadow it is with a quick swipe of a brush. The shades I personally feel have been very carefully picked as each shade has a clear purpose. The palette costs £35.00 which I think is a good value for money considering you would spend more buying individual glittery eye shadow.

Overall I would have to say like my high expectations, Urban Decay did definitely not disappoint me. I love everything about this palette. It is a really cute and fun to use for a perfect funky eye makeup look that need that extra drama. If you are someone who likes a sparkle this palette is a definite must.  I would highly recommend this palette on the basis of the great attention to detail that gone into creating this beautiful product. You will not feel or be disappointed when purchasing this palette as its certainly not overrated.

Comment below and tell me what your views are on the Moondust palette.

Stay Fancy!



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