Huda’s Killer Upgrade!!


Go ahead – call it a comeback. Huda Kattan had built Huda Beauty into a global empire in the past few years – by posting beauty hacks on Instagram, with her liquid matte lipsticks, and her to-die-for palettes. She has grown her brand through time, effort, trial, and error. Huda Beauty had brought back the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette in a new and improved way, the “Rose Gold Palette Remastered” has got fans going crazy since it’s release.

The U.S born beauty, who now resides in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most impactful influencers online. She has a built-in audience and offers quality makeup, which is why her products quickly nabbed devotees and disciples.

Kattan noted in her Instgram post annoucing the resurrection of the palette that the original was super important to the brand at the time. Now that she has the resources and the know-how, she can give it a proper rebirth.

HudaBeauty– “Everyone who knows me, knows how important our original Rose Gold Palette was to us, but when we launched it, we really had to invest everything into the Palette and couldn’t invest in things like packaging & innovation!

That year 2016, I actually couldn’t afford to pay myself salary, because this Palette was such a huge project for us! Fast forward to 2018 and we wanted to reintroduce our Rose Gold Palette, with completely new and never seen before formulas, listening to everything you guys wanted! From SUPER intense mattes & incredibly creamy pigmented foils, we are sooo excited to reveal to you our Rose Gold Remastered Palette.”

The mattes are mega intense and the foils are incredibly creamy and pigmented. It now has a mirror and it “represents the evolution of brand. We put as much love, heart and soul as we put into our original palette… we put even more into our Remastered.”



She detailed the reasoning for the “Remastered” version in a YouTube video and a blog post. About the original version, she wrote, “It was just so important to us that it should be a palette for everyone; I wanted to share the colors that I loved and used daily, that truly suit every mood or any look.” But since her brand was nascent at the time, they couldn’t go as hard as they wanted with the outer shell.


Kattan remedied the packaging concerns with the new version. She also listened to fans who wanted it to have a mirror and pigments that worked well with a brush. The new formula can also be used wet or dry!

I adore this palettes with it’s intense mattes and creamy foils!

What do you think of the new and improved Rose Gold Remastered Palette?

Comment below!

Stay Fancy,


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