Beauty tips that every girl should know!


Over the years, I’ve learnt countless beauty tips from bloggers, makeup artists, family members, and friends (honestly, most I wish I would’ve learned years ago). Some tricks have come and gone, but there are certain techniques that will stand the test of time. From makeup and skincare to hair and body care, I have some helpful beauty tips that every girl should know.

    1. Always moisturiser your face before applying makeup for a more flawless application.
    2. There should always be a 2-finger width space between our nose and where your blush starts.

  1. Use bronzer to contour your jawline to make your face appear slimmer.
  2. Line your waterline with a nude or white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.
  3. Don’t wash your hair every day! Instead, wash it every 3-4 days. Your hair will become healthier and stronger.
  4. Apply a shimmery lip gloss or eye shadow to the centre of your lips to make them look bigger and pouty.
  5. If you struggle with oily eyelids, use blotting papers before applying eye primer and shadow to help them stay in place all day.
  6. Shampoo is meant for the scalp and conditioner is more for the ends of your hair.
  7. Clean makeup brushes once a week to keep them free of bacteria, which can cause breakouts.
  8. When using a makeup sponge or beauty blender, always dampen them first for flawless application.

What are your best beauty tips?

Stay Fancy,


2 Comments on “Beauty tips that every girl should know!

  1. Thanks for the tips! ☺️ I’m rubbish at cleaning my make up brushes, definitely need to do them more often 🙃 I try to wash my eye shadow brushes after every use though 👏🏼

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