Why I love the Urban Decay Moondust Palette!


I swear Urban Decay come out with a new product every single week cause I be constantly spending some serious coin on UD products and I guess I will eventually become homeless! Haha…

Urban Decay have a reputation in the make up industry for having highly pigmented products as the band have a unapologetic attitude towards throwing out all the dated and lets just say pretty ridiculous makeup rules women have been following for decades. They show the use of colours in an easy effortless way and, can enhance your features with a modern twist which are going to give that extra edge and glimpse of personality. Urban Decay products all promotes the thought of creative free spirits that’s potential in make up application is beyond what other makeup brand promote and provide. The  brand as recently widened their makeup collection with more variety of lipstick shade in over 100 different choices to choose from depending on your fave finish, a new full coverage foundation that comes in wider variety of choices to choose from which are suitable for every skin colour and their endless new release of eye shower palettes in the space of a year.

The eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay are something to always look forward to as I feel they go that extra mile to make all their palettes super special and each palette has it own individual style to please everyone’s make up needs and tastes. I would highly recommend the urban decay eye shadow simply because of the pigmentation and of course their eye products are simply the best.




The packaging is a major selling point because it is just so nice to look at. The palette has
a glitter base background with an engraved lettering with the palette’s name Moondust across the front. It’s packaging is original which is nice to see. The mirror in the palette is a decent size which is something that is important for a palette that size. In the palette there is a total of 8 individual eye shadows to use. The eye shadows are all of a frosted and shimmered texture which makes this palette the ultimate party palette perfect for dramatic eye make up look.


As you can see the pigmentation is something that i am very happy about as the colour has a very good quality pay off. A good quality eye shadow should have the ability to blend at ease and with this eye shadow it is with a quick swipe of a brush. The shades I personally feel have been very carefully picked as each shade has a clear purpose. The palette costs £35.00 which I think is a good value for money considering you would spend more buying individual glittery eye shadow.

Overall I would have to say like my high expectations, Urban Decay did definitely not disappoint me. I love everything about this palette. It is a really cute and fun to use for a perfect funky eye makeup look that need that extra drama. If you are someone who likes a sparkle this palette is a definite must.  I would highly recommend this palette on the basis of the great attention to detail that gone into creating this beautiful product. You will not feel or be disappointed when purchasing this palette as its certainly not overrated.

Comment below and tell me what your views are on the Moondust palette.

Stay Fancy!



Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Today’s review is of an extremely popular eyeshadow palette that has been receiving a ton of buzz: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. There are few things in life I can think of that have a stronger visceral connection than women and chocolate, so it makes serious marketing sense to have a palette that literally wafts the stuff up to your nostrils as soon as you open it. I’m not kidding.

Okay okay so here it is… The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, the most delicious makeup in my collection:


This palette is packaged with a magnetised tin and 16 eyeshadows made with real cocoa power. The inside also has a mirror and the names of the shade written in gold print under each colour . By this point, the smell should be hypnotising you. (This fact is added because it is totally relevant and necessary.)

As you can see there is a nice array of neutrals spanning from traditional browns to pinks and even redder shades like burgundy and purple. I also thought it was really thoughtful to have the hightlight shades be larger since realistically, they are used consistently for most looks.


My sister was kind enough to test out the palette, as I must say her eyes look gorgeous!!!

image1 (3).JPG


The colour variety and selection of this palette is wonderful. There are mattes, shimmers, glitters and satin finishes so I can see this working on a lot of different people. In particular, all of the satin finish shadow glided on like butter. It almost reminds me of the Naked 1 (warm neutrals) & 3 (pinky neutrals) palettes mixed together. I also love the idea that cocoa powder has antioxidant properties and we can’t forget the scent DUH!


Not all the shadows are equally as smooth, Some of the mattes like Semi-Sweet were a bit chalky/patchy and Candied Violet also went on sheer and had to be layered for good pigmentation. As far as neutrals go, this palette is lacking taupe-type shades if that is your favourite colour rage. Also if you had the smell of chocolate you should probably pass on this one 🙂

Overall, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is a solid eyeshadow offering and one of my favourites as far as the popular wave of neutral palettes are concerned. There is a wearable variety of everyday shades that can take you from day to night. Just a couple shades aren’t as consistent in texture as I’d like, but for the most part the colours are really high quality with tons of pigmentation. It’s definitely a solid investment for the neutral lover who also loves the smell of decadent chocolate!

Readers, will you be picking up the Chocolate Bar Palette? What do you look for in a neutral palette? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Fancy,




January Goals


Happy New Year! After a mess that was 2016, I am so excited for a fresh new year and a new start! I have a ton of plans for the next 12 months, and everything falls under the theme of “minimising” – I want to focus on getting rid of the excess, downsizing all of my belongings, and put more of a focus on things that truly matter to me less clutter, less distraction, less frivolous spending, which in turn make room for more in terms of relationships personal growth, and inner happiness. January is going to be a great month to kick all of this off, and I’m ready to dive on in!

January Goals 

  • Choose a new fitness program to start (ya’ll give me some recommendations)
  • Revisit London’s tourist spots
  • Start saving up more and more every month
  • Finish of the 2017 Lets Get Fancy calendar (sorry its taken so long!)
  • Binge watch the last season of Suits before the new episode airs this month

What are your goals for the start of the year?

Stay Fancy,



Reflection 2016


Happy New Year- Bring on 2017

A new year makes everyone jump onto the resolution bandwagon and goal making thang. It’s a metaphor for a fresh start. A new beginning. a brand new book, to start writing the chapters of your life in. But this is something that I don’t tend to do. I mean, the end of the year always makes me look back on the highs of the year, and of course things I would like to do differently. But something I highly urge everyone to do from Today (yep, not the 1st January, but little ol’ 31st December), is not to wait for a specific date to change, move forward, start your goals or ash1even start your bucket list – whatever it may be, do it today!

2016 has taught me so many things. It’s taught me to be more loving, more open, more positive and most importantly more driven than I have ever been in my life. This past year was filled with lots of changes to my life, which I’m totally not going to bore you with, but one thing I can say is that it’s been one of the best years of my life, so far. One of the major things that I have learnt is to put myself and my goals as a number one priority.

My life, in many ways, has taught me that it’s a very precious thing. Things can change in a split second. Which brings me back to my first point, why wait to change things? Or do things differently?

Let me give you a little insight and example from my 2016. Earlier this year, I was unhappy with finishing university and not knowing what do to after. I made it my goal to change this a few months after graduating. I was confused and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career at the start, but everything started making sense at around autumn time. I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew I had to do it now! So I took a positive leap of faith, made many changes and I couldn’t have been happier. If you’ve got the drive and passion there, you can do anything you set your mind to!

A couple tips that I would like to add for anyone who has a goal, wish or even change something in their lives. Nothing is going to happen if you sit there and don’t take any action on it – trust me, I’m talking from experience! The first change you can make in your life is to be proactive  and do something about the goals/changes you would like to make. Action leads to changeSecondly, is to be in the right mind frame. There is no point having a goal, but thinking negatively about it. It can be hard at times but always thinking about what you WANT in life, not what you don’t want.

One thing I’ve really struggled with (and sometimes even do now) is the dreaded case of ‘what if’ -itis. I would always want to do something but end up thinking to myself, ‘but what if this happened?’. This constantly brought me back to a somewhat negative mind set – which is so something that we don’t need in our lives! There are so many books, websites and even videos you can watch on YouTube which teach you ways to be more positive. Little changes you make in your mind first, show through in yourself – becoming a better being!

I know this has been a bit of a random, life post on my blog but it’s just something I really wanted to get out there to all my readers and followers! I really want us to all be a little more positive in our lives. I know it’s hard, but let’s all take baby steps there so we can live in a more loving world. Because let’s face it, it can be scary out here sometimes!

Finally, after all this rambling, I would like to whole-heartedly thank each and every one of you that follow me in any way, shape or form – you are all amazing (and I mean that!). Emails, tweets, messages, comments – you are all such beautiful human beings!

Check out my slideshow below to see what I got up to in 2016!

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I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us all. One thing is for sure, let’s sprinkle positivity and love, everywhere we go.

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

Stay Fancy,


Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate


I live for facial oils; I do but admittedly they are something I associate with my night time skin care routine. As a matter of a fact other than Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, I can’t think of another oil like product I own that is aimed at day time use. With the Autumn being particularly drying on my complexion and no signs of that letting up over the next few months, I have replaced my typical daily moisturiser in place of Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, and I must say my skin simply laps it up.

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is a lightweight facial oil that has been intended for day time use, as a matter of fact it has been created to partner with the bestselling Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate; one for day protection and one for night repair – clever right! You can of course use Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate on its own to increase hydration and protect against environmental aggressors.

The real purpose of Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is to brighten and perk up tired skin, used daily it aims to enhance natural radiance and erase signs of fatigue. Despite my sleep pattern being all over the place, my skin isn’t typically dull – I put this down to having a naturally oily complexion, as such I can’t comment on the brightening aspects but I can say that my skin is more hydrated. With a combination of artificial heat, ice cold rain and winds, the Winter has taken its toll on my complexion – Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate helps to prevent my face from drying out and I like to think it protects my skin to some degree too.


Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is of 100% natural origin, mineral oil free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), non-acnegenic oil (safe for blemish prone complexions) – so typically a safe bet for all skin types. It contains Tamanu Botanical Oil helps to reduce the appearance of daily damage (think fine lines and sun damage) as well as being able to replenish and comfort the skin. To strengthen the skin’s natural barrier which in turn will protect the skin from environmental damage, Kiehl’s have selected Sunflower Botanical Oil. Such oil also hydrates, softens and visibly improves skin texture. Lastly we have Ginger Root Essential Oil – a natural oil that will protect against radicals and environmental aggressors (think pollution and general city living) with antioxidant protection. I do want to stress that yes, this oil may protect against certain elements of everyday, environmental damage, it is in no way a substitute for SPF – Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate does not protect the skin from UV damage.

If your typical daily moisturiser is no longer cutting it, and you need something light yet deeply nourishing, I cannot recommend Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate enough. I do think those with a drier complexion will benefit more from the radiance boosting qualities but for instant, comforting and long lasting hydration, you will be hard pushed to beat this product. I particularly enjoy the fact that by adding it to my routine, I am protecting my skin and hopefully warding of the signs of ageing, that little longer. It is a ten out of ten from me.

Stay Fancy!


Winter Favourites!


Well, in case you couldn’t tell, “Winter is here” (haha). Another month has flown by, but I’m honestly not that upset because I like the fall. This was a good month for me, in terms of skincare and makeup finds. I tried out some new brands like Huda products that would definitely look good during the coming winter months and will definitely be a long-term favourite of mine.


As a self-professed lipstick addict, I’ve long been a fan of matte liquid formulas. That said I’m sure I’m not the only one to admit not all formulas are created equally. Some are so impossibly drying that you feel like your pout was
attacked with a sandblaster. Others remain ultra-creamy for hours after application, so they wear off your mouth and into your meals.

Huda herself is undoubtedly a beauty genius. Aside from being a vlogger, makeup artist, and one of the top influencers on Instagram, she has a powerhouse make up line. Until now, it’s consisted of fluttery false lash strips and Lip Contour pencils. Considering that her creamy, durable lip liners quickly became essentials in my beauty bag, I had high standards for the Liquid Mattes, and I was not disappointed.Picture2.png

Her formula is almost surprisingly wet and runnier than
others you may have played with, but this is a blessing. Because the formula takes longer to dry, you have more time to work with the colour and shape your lips. After about 60 seconds, the liquid sets but is slightly tacky to the touch. This is also a bonus. Your pucker will never feel dehydrated or crusty (yuck), and you can layer on coat after coat without the pigment showing any chunky build-up. I experimented with slicking on a few shades — with total ease! — to create a more dimensional, ombré lip look.

The long wear quality of the formula is also impressive — I ate, drank, and even slept in these lipsticks successfully with no flaking or dissolution. However, in the areas where the colour faded, it did so evenly, not in large patches.

By far, the best part of the Liquid Matte collection I have come across so far. Definitely a winter fave!

Stay Fancy!