My favourite lipsticks…

Lipstick is one of my very favorite things, so let’s do a big old post about it!

I wear lipstick almost every single day, and I have tried so many different brands and shades over the years, especially the red ones! Here are some of my favourites…

creaminyourcoffeeMAC Coffee in your cream

This is a great pinkish-brown shade for everyday wear. It is neither loud nor non-existent. The cream sheen formula is perfect and very comfortable for all day wear.

Stunning shade, looks great on the skin, makes the teeth look whiter and not to mention it’s great for everyday wear. This has got to be one of my favorite lipsticks.

MAC Captive

I was recommended Captive by a university friend and I got to say I absolutely love this colour. I have noticed it looks so different on different people more so than other lipstickscaptive I’ve ever used, which may account for all the different opinions and reviews I have read

It’s quite dark while still being more on the neutral side and I believe its perfect for the fall and winter season. I feel more comfortable wearing it at night but you can defiantly incorporate it into your everyday look.

It defiantly does not feel dry on my lips, but I do find it less long-lasting than a matte Mac lipstick. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good.

brick-o-laMAC Brick-O-La

I’m not too keen on this shade, I guess for me it only looks good with the right type of makeup and outfit.  On me it’s a mix of red/brown and a tiniest tinge of orange? My lips are quite pigmented and dark so in a way I love how this shade brightens up my face.

This shade is defiantly long lasting probably a good 4-5 hours after eating and drinking. You wear this both during the day and evening although it might be a bit bold for pale skin tones.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss- 107

What a BEAUTIFUL colour it is!!

This is a fabulous formula because it’s actually matte. It does finish velvety. It may be drying to some people but I don’t have that problem personally.

This dark red is just plain flattering. If you don’t have perfectly white teeth, this is your katemoss107.pngred. !07 helps alleviate yellowing of teeth, while you’re hot and spicy yellow or orange reds, accentuate discolouring you may have

You can put it on lightly for a red that’s going to pop or layer it on for a super dramatic very deep red. It stays dramatic even after you blot! The wear I consider fair/good for a lipstick that isn’t claiming to be 24 hour or anything like that. You may need to touch up like any other lipstick but I did find depending what on what I was eating. It held up quite well at times. I’d say the 2 or 3 hour mark the colour fades, but unless it’s been smudged or wiped there’s still a good pigment on the lips.

Hopefully Rimmell have more colours in their matte line because it’s a great formula.

What’s your favourite red lip stick? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Stay Fancy!



Budget friendly fashion!

We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then especially during this time of the year when the weather outside is AMAZING! While we all love Chanel and Banana Republic, let’s be honest- most of us can’t afford those designer wardrobes. Luckily, Lets Get Fancy has budget friendly style worth following!

Deals. Sales. Offers. 

That’s all that is seen on shop windows right now! Being a shop-a-holic, I cannot resist these amazing  opportunities, so why not make the best of it?
Yep yep, I caved and went shopping and bought a little more than I needed to…

So basically, I was walking down the highstreet and a bright red poster which read “50% OFF” caught my eye! Haf price is amazing for deal especially when it’s on existing sales! #evenbetter. So I picked up a few things that caught my eye…


I bought this floral blazer as A) I don’t have one, and B) it’s half off! Not to mention its so pretty!! I feel like a floral clothing is essential for the spring and summer months and is on trend practically every year, so obviously it was a must have!


Pared back day dresses are the perfect base for layering up this season!

No off-duty wardrobe is complete without a casual day dress. I saw this in the store window and imediatly fell in love with it! Basic bodycon dresses are always a winner giving you that effortless everyday edge.

Get set to sparkle in statement jewellerystoneearings

ACCESSORIES! Take your outfit from blah to bling with these stone earrings that’ll jump start your style in seconds. I could not take my eyes off these beauties! When it comes to rings, stack ‘em high; bracelets, make it an armful; pretty pendant necklaces, layer them up!  Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!


Black hats!

So, once I put my swing dress into my shopping basket, I saw this black hat that would look gorgeous with it. Make sure you add a coordinating hat and a long necklace to keep you looking hip and stylish this season!

So, yes, that was my shoppin spree… What has been your best bargain?

Stay Fancy!  letsgetfancy


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